...I can't imagine doing anything else.

But what really started this journey for me was in 2012 when my father passed away.  He was so many things, but a photographer enthusiast with such passion and excitement that it was contagious.

So I took the leap and decided to turn this hobby into a career. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. Thank you, Dad, for passing along some of the best parts of you.

I gave myself two years to learn as much as I could, to soak in everything and anything and to see if this was something I could really do. Now, seven years later, having accomplished so much, grown so much, not only in platform but in experience and skill, and meeting the people that I have along the way while having the privilege to capture their memories...

I‘ve always had such a love of photography; being able to capture the beauty I see in everything.

About Claire

All feels right in the world when my boys are happy.

The nostalgia that floods in from the smell of a department store is intoxicating!

I melt at the sound of a baby’s giggle.

I love airports. Snow storms. The moon. 

I’d choose the curled potato chip every time if I could!

I love to travel; the ocean is my happy place.


I will cry on your wedding day (don’t worry, your pictures will still be BEAUTIFUL!)

I’ll make the emergency champagne stop! (I’ve done it before and I’d do it again. It’s your day!)

I have a passion for portraits, but I believe the best ones are captured organically.

I LOVE to step out of my comfort zone and continue to learn new things! If there’s something you don’t see here, ASK and we’ll figure it out!


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