Say What? New Name, New Site

A new name, a new look and some new features,

but still your same photographer, Claire!

So I thought, let’s kick this off by starting with an introduction of sorts, because my goal with this blog is to keep you all updated on what I’ve been up to, share some great stories, some fun facts, but I also want it to be a way to personalize the website even more! So here we go, back to the basics: how to pronounce my last name, Spampinato.

With that being said, I was not born a Spampinato. My maiden name is Cantow. Looks easy enough, right? Not always the case. 

There’s usually two ways this goes:

If you broke it into two words – “can” “tow”, well done, you got it right!

If not, most likely you pronounced it “can” “towel” without the “l” sound at the end. 

Eventually you get used to correcting people on how to pronounce your last name, so when it came to marrying into the Spampinato family, I knew things would be no different. And I was ready! 


Some cool Spampinato facts:

  • It’s a Sicilian surname
  • In Sicily, Spampinato is as common as Smith is in America 
  • Let’s be honest, it’s fun to say, just rolls right off your tongue 


When it came time for my wedding and to officially become a Spampinato, my college roommates gave me a gift to help me (*cough *cough, them) remember how to pronounce my soon-to-be new last name. What was this gift you ask? It was a piñata and inside said piñata was a can of Spam along with a strip of photos of them taken in a photo booth. GET IT? ‘Spam’ ‘Piñata’. Obviously not spot on but hey, that’s pretty close! Still one of the most creative and thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received. 

Anyhoo, let’s break this down further:


Spa + mm+ pin + ah + toe

So, now that you’ve got that down, you can call me Claire. 🙂

April 14, 2020

  1. Donna Scanlon says:

    Love the intro! I can’t wait to see your work since the lock down. I imagine your creative mind and photography skills will provide some beautiful and meaningful photos. Keep the faith and stay safe. Sincerely, Donna B. Scanlon

  2. Monica says:

    What an interesting intro! I can’t wait to learn more about you and your work.

  3. Lol I love your use of the spam and the piñata! It made me laugh. I’m Italian too!

  4. Hahaha I love your explanation of the pronunciation of your last name. This is amazing!

  5. Jordyn says:

    Congrats on the rebrand 🙂 Everything looks beautiful! Love this post, it is so fun!

  6. Holly Jones says:

    Love the imagery for your name and your business! So unique!

  7. Amber says:

    Congratulations on the rebrand! 🙂

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